NFT Verification Service

The NFT market is booming, and so are the scams. Every day we hear new fraud cases happening. Unfortunately, this is an endless war that is hard to win, whether fake minting pages, fake collections, Phishing on Discord, Twitter, and much more.

But it doesn't mean we stay and watch without fighting back. We decided to invest our resources and time in developing a solution to help the NFT community spot these fraud cases and hopefully save the community significant losses.

We cannot guarantee 100% protection, but we will work as hard as possible to make it as good as possible.

What is NFT Shield Pro (NSP)?

We are a small team with a great goal to create Web 3.0 a bit safer and more secure. NFT Shield Pro Extension is a simple FREE solution that will evolve and adapt to the industry changes.

Our Current Features of NFT Shield Pro Extension:

Minting Site Verification

When you wait to mint a new collection, these critical moments might be the most vulnerable as it is very easy to confuse the original lander with a fake one. To avoid this mismatch, we try to white list all real projects and collections. Once you visit the project minting page, you will see an automatic verification that confirms if the page was verified or not. (Please make sure to do your own research regarding the project as we only evaluate the authenticity of the lander and not the quality of the project).

Social Profile Verification

The NFT market is growing exponentially. Every day we see new art and amazing collections.

When you make your research for the next trending project you may find a fake social profile. NFT shield Pro will verify a social profile such as twitter, discord and Instagram that was shared by the original project team

What is next?

We are constantly adding new projects and working on new verification solutions to validate marketplaces, Metaverse items and many more..

We are happy to hear from you if you have a request, a feature idea, or just feedback.

If you believe in our project please feel free to install our Chrome extension from the official Chrome Web Store, It's Free.

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